You knew
that I looked somewhat
like you, and
lately I find you
in so many ways
I sound
and act
and where
we come from, they might
just say that
a part of you
must’ve latched on to me
the last time
I held
your.. fingers
and I’d kill for it to be True..!! but
I recollect… that
I was
this way
for as long as I can
remember, and
just didn’t realize
sooner… to
how a lot of me died
with you.



From Book IV

3 thoughts on “Dispossession

  1. A powerful piece Abhisek, with the idea of exchanging and clinging to the intangible parts of who we are. And then the reversal, not that we might keep some part of the departed with us, but that a part of us might be taken as well.

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  2. I continued the thought in the piece “Ones of Twos”, where it was about losing parts of oneself akin to losing entire worlds of longings and possibilities. Human psyche, it seemed to me, has disparate worlds of individuality, hopes, and dreams overlapping each other. These worlds are very very finite in number, yet the necessity of one becomes painfully clear once it has already disappeared into impossibility.

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  3. I find that, for good or bad, there are oscillations, that states of mind will recur. I suppose that helps to keep living interesting. And yes, dreams and hopes, for me, have certainly transmuted over the years: the past is fixed, but there is always the future.

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