Let time heal.

Stop torturing yourself!

You need to pick yourself back up.
There’s nothing more you could’ve done.
There’s no way that you could’ve known.
This isn’t something we can change.

You’ll start to drive yourself insane..

You can’t give up.
You can’t break down.
You cannot just
d  i  s  i  n  t  e  g  r  a  t  e.

You can’t just keep thinking.
can’t just keep brooding.
can’t just keep bleeding.

There’s nothing more that you could do…



I know I still got work to do.
As what he would have said to you.


From Book IV

3 thoughts on “Noise

  1. This is a powerful excerpt, for me, which delineates a place we can be trapped in—a box, where we tell ourselves this and that and take no notice, made more powerful by the reflections bouncing between father and son. It was all a great read.

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  2. Thank you Steve. I am delighted you enjoyed reading Book IV. I think you’re a remarkable, exceptional writer, and your opinion means a lot to me. That’s why I appreciate the great review even more. About this particular piece, while writing it, the lines between self and other were blurred at times while referring to the one/ones being addressed. And yes, I hoped to end it in a familiar becoming.

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