EP: Lost Spirit: 01_Somewhere, Still

Sounds of Rummage

Dedicated to the memory of my Father—a man of euphoric mind and boundless spirit—Dr. Argha Banerjee.


When it comes to making music, I am a beginner, amateur, dilettante – far from being a professional. The sounds you may find here, were created in my first month of coming into contact with a musical instrument, with mostly free programs and software available online. Nevertheless, I feel this is the beginning of a journey, and one which I hope to share. As I continue to learn, I will continue to make more music to better express myself with, while sharing my journey with you, if you would like to keep me company along the way. As such, for now, to the seasoned ear, the music here may seem fraught with imperfections. Even so, I would like to share the beginning of this journey, shaped mostly with heart, demons, and duct-tape.


Click here to listen to the entire playlist, on YouTube.

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